Your Questions About Firefox Tweaks 2011

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Jul 072012

Sandy asks…

Firefox 8 won’t play embedded youtube videos.?

On Firefox 8, I’m trying to click on youtube videos embedded into webpages, but they won’t click. When I hover over them, the title of the video becomes underlined, but nothing happens when I click it. I may have made a mistake doing something in about:config, but I think the only changes I made were from this Any help? Thanks!
The embedded videos work when I try Safari. And I updated to the latest flash player, but that did nothing.

admin answers:

Get flash player.

Charles asks…

Website navigation bar glitch! Please help!?

I have a wordpress website with the suffusion theme. I have tweaked the settings to get it how I want it to look for the most part except for this one little annoying problem I can’t seem to fix. If you go into one of the individual posts on the blog page, the navigation bar bottom border is off a pixel until you highlight the item then it changes back to the normal dimensions. I cant figure out how to change the settings to make it be the right dimensions when there is nothing highlighted on the nav bar. Is there anyway I can fix this? Or is there a way to have the blog item highlighted whenever I’m on any of the posts pages?
The homepage with the working nav bar is at
A page that has the navigation bar messed up is at

Sorry, I’m not level two yet so I can’t post hyperlinks.

admin answers:

Hi Spencer,

I checked your site with FireFox and FireBug. It looks like your nav items are overlaying your nav menu. I also get some general weirdness when I hover over a nav item.

Take a look at style.css.

A:hover, text-decoration is set to underline. That has the effect of pushing your bottom nav border down on hover to make room for the underline.

For #nav ul, I set the margin to 0. This cleared up your border issue (on FireFox anyway).

There may be more going on here, but changing these two items seemed to fix the problems I was seeing.


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