Your Questions About Firefox Proxy Settings

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Jul 082012

Thomas asks…

Can I have different proxy settings for different sites in Firefox?

I have used many proxy add-ons in Firefox but no one solved my problem. I want to have different proxy settings for different sites/tabs. These addons that I use, changes proxy settings for all the sites/tabs I have opened.

admin answers:

Thousand of proxy list:

Carol asks…

How to configure proxy settings on Firefox?

It says I can import a proxy from a URL. What are some free, good, spyware-free proxies that are well-known, and what’s their URL?

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Your Questions About Firefox Personas Remove

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Jun 182012

Chris asks…

How can I change firefox background CSS?


When I had firefox 3 I decided to put a black background in the toolbar using the UserChrome.css thing. Now I have updated firefox to the version 5.0 but that black background is still there and I cannot see anything litteraly.

Here’s a picture:

I have deleted all the .css files in the Firefox > Profile > Chrome (I tried to modify them before that but it didn’t change anything).
I have tried to set “Personas” to my new firefox but didn’t remove the black background.
What can I do? :/


admin answers:

Obviously the person who answered before me didn’t get it at all… *sighs*

>Open your Firefox browser.
>Type in the address bar: about:support
>Click “Open Containing Folder” (near the top of the about:support page, under Application Basics.)
>Open the Chrome folder
>Delete that image or replace it with another one (changing the image URL in your UserChrome.cs file)

Hope that helped.

Joseph asks…

How do I restore back button, address bar, view menu, ect, when using firefox?

I am not sure what I did, but I was trying to remove a ‘persona’, when I made my back button, www. address bar, file, edit, view, tools… etc. all disappeared. I have the Google & Yahoo tool bar up, but they have their own custom buttons, none of which can help me. I went to Microsoft for a solution but everything says I must go the the tools or view menu, which I no longer have. That is exactly what I am trying to restore. I also tried uninstalling Firefox the re-installing, but it ended up the same. My Explorer window is fine, but I really like Firefox for the no scripts features and would like to continue to use it. Thank you to anyone who can help me.
Thank you for your answers. I will try the alt button when I get back to my work computer on Thursday. Hopefully that will be the cure. To the other answer I tried right clicking, left clicking, and only got the option to add / delete the custom tool buttons for google or yahoo. I should have included that in my original question since that seems like a logical step one would try. Thank you for trying to help.

admin answers:

While in Firefox, press the alt key, then go to view>toolbars and check the toolbars you want to show permanently.

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