Your Questions About Firefox Addon Development

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Jun 302012

Jenny asks…

Is there another freeware addon for Firefox that serves the same function as Google Notebook?

Google stopped working on Notebook a while back, but even though I can still go to it through the web, I miss the addon for Firefox. Is there a suitable replacement? Please make sure it is:

Accessible via web and addon
Still under development
As easy to use as Google Notebook was

admin answers:

I hope this will survive your requirement.


Paul asks…

How do Firefox addon developers earn?

I see a lot of free addons for Firefox ( Some of these are so big and popular. They must have taken a lot of time for development. Full time developers will be required to develop some of those. How do these people keep developing these addons for free? Or how do they earn?

admin answers:

Programmers are an interesting breed…

Accounts don’t go home and get excited about working on their bills. Customer Service Reps don’t look for people to help once they are off the clock.

Programmers go home and write code. It’s strange, I know. There are certainly other professions in which work transcends the office environment, but programming…well, that is one that exemplifies it.

What does that have to do with add-ons? Well, they are mostly open source, so developers will put together a project and get a team of other developers to work on it with them. They do it in their spare time, and they get nothing more than glory and resume power. And that is more than enough.

I don’t know a programmer who doesn’t have at least 5 hobby projects they are either working on, or want to work on. My list is up to 7 projects. When I get home from work, I spend time on those…not a lot of time, but I know some devs who spend nearly every waking hour writing code. Me, I like to spend time outdoors every once in a while as well…guess that’s why my list gets so long, I never get anything done before I find something new to do.

The key is that there is usually several working on one project, so they are able to get it done in a reasonable amount of time, even only working a couple hours a day.

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Your Questions About Firefox Logo

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Jun 302012

Charles asks…

How to change the mozilla firefox logo to the ie logo?

How do u switch the small firefox logo in the top left corner , to the IE logo??

admin answers:

Put your icon (.ico) file in this folder:
C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxchromeiconsdefault

For more info:

Steven asks…

Why do files saved to desktop show the firefox logo, even with IE home page?

I used to have both IE and Firefox, but deleted firefox. Now, though, when I try to save a shortcut to a webpage on my desktop, it shows up with the firefox logo. I then of course can’t open the shortcut because I uninstalled Firefox.

admin answers:

Go to:
1)Start Menu
2)Set program access and defaults
3)under custom
4)”Choose a defualt Web browser:” There you choose Internet Explorer.

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Your Questions About Firefox Chrome Bookmarks

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Jun 292012

Michael asks…

How to make Chrome read Firefox bookmarks?

At the moment, Chrome is reading my outdated IE bookmarks, and wish to make it read my Firefox bookmarks, how do I go about doing this?

admin answers:

Click customize (the wrench in the upper right)
Click import bookmarks and settings
Make sure Firefox is in the box
Click import


Joseph asks…

how to move bookmarks from bad chrome to firefox?

chrome has been getting an error every time i open it. every time. it says aww snap u cant use these webpages so on and so forth, and i cant open the suggetions
so i decided to use firefox, but i wanna put the bookmarks from chrome onto firefox
but because of the error i cant open chromes bookmark manager
is there any other way to move the bookmarks to firefox?

admin answers:

It depends if you can find yr bookmarks folder in yr filemanager, and if they’re in a format that Ff can read. If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then just copy & paste to a text-file until you get Ff loaded. Does the Xmarks add-on work under Chrome? If so, install, register, sync. Ff uses Xmarks, so install, log-in, sync, job done.

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