Your Questions About Firefox Plugins Download Helper

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May 312012

Donna asks…

Download a streaming flash video?


I’m trying to download this episode of a show (The Bold and The Beautiful.. it’s for my mom lol) Here is the link for it:

and haven’t been able to grab the stream using either Orbit downloader (which used to work) or video helper/download helper/downloadthemall plugins for firefox. Tried replay and a bunch other software.. no luck! It only downloads the advertisement at the prior to the show starting.I think they fixed it to make downloading pretty darn difficult. Last result might be a screen recorder where it just records what is playing on the screen.. very primitive.. like pointing a video camera at your tv. Rather not do that. Any ideas? Thanks!

admin answers:

Can you search and download this episode of show from other sites? Like the top 10 most popular torrent sites:
because it will be much easier and familiar with downloading videos from torrent.

If you can only find this video on the link you post (, then you can try live downloader, which is a free program to download audio or video from online website:

hope it helps.

Michael asks…

How to download embedded videos?

I want to download this video:
I am using Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Safari 5.0.3 and Firefox 3.6.9. I’ve been working on trying to download this for over two hours now and I’ve downloaded multiple plugins for Firefox such as Ant Video Downloader, Download Helper, Flash Video Downloader, GreaseMonkey, SoThink, and Unplug. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks

admin answers:

See if this thread helps you:;_ylt=Ao4hEDQhvO_psAYmCqus0E3BFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20110113164310AA0pYfP

I’ve tried “Replay Media Catcher”, and it worked! You can download the software and use it for 30-day tiral period. Here is the link: I think it’s only for Windows, though! If you don’t have a PC, use a friend’s computer to do it. Uninstall the software once you are done. They show you how to use the software on the same link.

Donald asks…

Recorder plug in for Windows Media player?

i think “plug ins” means the same thing as like adding features right, like the add ons for firefox? well i was wondering if there are any plug ins for wmp to have it record streaming audio like from pandora? i know firefox has the download helper add on but i dont like it. ive been using realplayers recording feature then adding them to itunes but i hate realplayer becuase it is ALWAYS not responding and freezing up. are there any other cool plugins that u guys know of as well?

admin answers:

Try using google and typing wm player recorder. I was doing the same thing, but most recorders for windows you have to pay for. Theres maybe 1 or 2 that are free and can be downloaded from the web but they arent that good. Prices for recorder downloads- if you want to purchase them- varies but the cheapest ive come across is 19.95.
Hope this helps.

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Your Questions About Firefox Skins Mac

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May 312012

Donald asks…

im looking for a browser thats the nicest in terms of design?

i have Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. im using Windows Vista. i desparately need a mac because its design is way more appealing. is there a browser for me thats nice in terms of how it looks? something minimalistic, like Safari in Mac. Safari on Windows is disgusting. please suggest. i also welcome skins which i can use with the browsers i already have.
btw IE9 is out, it cant work on Vista.

admin answers:

Nearly identical to mac

Charles asks…

What laptop is a good student laptop?

I’ve been trying to decide for ages, but I cant really choose.
Must have a good OS, meaning windows. I hate hate hate hate macs
1) Durability – Must be stable (mostly the screen must not shake after heavy use (i hate wobbly screens), keyboard shouldnt fall apart easily, IBM’s i know are good, but theyre so ugly)
2) appearance (doesnt have to be beautiful, but it should be decent. I hate the black ones. I know that there are skins available, but I dont want an ugly one like the IBM’s)
3) Good speed (processors — i think a good one is the intel core duo 2 if im not mistaken. Slow computers bug me, and i dont want to have to update for a while)
4) USB ports. (im a student…enough said. USB ports are crucial for our survival. lol)
5)Memory (I DONT want my computer dying after downloading my programs that i like (i like drawing so i have gimp, as well as a musician so audacity is a must. I dont like ie, and switch between firefox (which i use 80 % of the time), and chrome (20%). I guess what ill do though is store my photos on CD’s)
6) Graphics card. (Sims 3 is AWESOME, but it doesnt run on my broken laptop before it broke. I do like gaming, but im willing to give it up for speed and other things)
7) Portability (Obviously, it shouldnt be huge. It should be easy to carry, but it doesnt have to be ultralight. I think most laptops nowadays are a good size, but i would like maybe a medium screen size because im going to get a desktop to go with my laptop anyways)

Some other musts: Must have wi-fi (duh), word should be included.

Another thing to look for is something which comes with a good anti-virus. Im really really good at getting viruses, and ill try harder not to if i get a new computer but i dont trust myself. However, Norton totally bogs down my computer. Either way, I do research a lot and i go to sites which could potentially be unsafe.

I really really liked the MacBook (i think it was that, it had a cool touchpad without any clicky thingies…u click directly on it, and could do shortcuts with two fingers and stuff), which my friend had, but as i said before i hate the Mac OS. Its gross. Also, i already know windows and i like being familiar with the shortcuts. I dont want to have to relearn. But a laptop similar to the Macbook but on windows would be nice

Oh yeah, and cost. I dont mind paying a little bit more for something that would last longer. Im going to 11’th grade right now, and i might even take this laptop with me to college.

Portability as mentioned before is semi-important. It kind of goes with appearance as well, because if it looks nice it probably isnt going to weigh 30 pounds. I dont want one of those netbooks (i think theyre called that), i cant focus on such a tiny screen. I like the flexibility of working on my lap vs. a desktop.

If im missing anything please ask.
Thanks so much for going through all this.
I really am excited to get my computer. Hopefully, it will be perfect for me cause its going to be used for a very very loooong time.
Oh yeah! Battery life. Should be long, so I can take it to meetings (im doing an internship and we have seminars/meetings which are 2-3 hours long), and to my summer class (which is 8 hours). Obbviously, I dont think ill find one with an 8 hour battery life, but i dont want one which has to be plugged in all the time either. A 2-3 hour battery life would be fine, and ill probably end up getting an extra battery so it doesnt go dead.
If I download windows, it will loose some of the features. Any non-macs that can do this all?

admin answers:

I like these

William asks…

Best browser, Question resolved – My point of view?

IE7 is the best and has always been the best, it has more features and it’s now more secured then ever, Microsoft has always stand for the best and its not some junkie firefox that’s going to take over, people like firefox just because of it’s style, skin, layout, because that it has way more plug-ins then IE7, but nearly half of them are useles and because its more customizable, but when we look at performance, IE7 murders all. I opened this answer, but its actually a comment, because i see too many people going for a browser that isn’t worth it, when they should stick with IE, i can understand people usig Linux or Mac OX, because IE is only for windows, but there is no comparaison, now what i am especting from you guys, is to express your point of view to what ive said and to the 5 browser and to be verry proffesionnal.

admin answers:

Bill Gates has made another fake profile.

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Your Questions About Adblock Firefox 8

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May 312012

William asks…

these add-ons work for firefox 8?

since firefox 8 is out. do these add-ons below function with F8?

Adblock Plus

admin answers:

Yes, all three of those work. I am currently on FF8 and have all three installed.

As an additional tip, if you ever have an add-on that is incompatible with the current version of Firefox (which is very common now with the current release schedule), you can disable Firefox’s add-on compatibility checker by doing the following:

– Type “about:config” in the address bar.
– A warning will pop up. Read it, then proceed.
– Right click anywhere, then select “New” > “Boolean”
– Enter “extensions.checkCompatibility ###” without the quotes.
– This works with every version so far, just replace ### above with your version number. In this case, it would be “8.0”
– Click OK
– Select “False”
– Click OK again
– Now go to your add-ons menu and enable your incompatible add-ons.

I’m still running add-ons that stopped updating after FF3.6 with this method. Some will work very well (Linkification) while others will not work (AnyColor).

Paul asks…

im having some problems with my firefox browser & id like some simple solutions?

i live in england, have windows xp pro on a custom built desktop computer that i got in 2006, because of a low income i cant afford to upgrade to windows 7 yet.

a couple of things – quite a few of my ADD ons have been disabled and have stopped working because they’re not compatible with the latest version of firefox, which i have – firefox 8.0.1

my adblock add on has been disabled , my screen shot of page facility, flashgot and a few other helpful add ons have been rendered useless.

i at times..view porn and im not sure if its altered the look of my browser because the ”bars” in my browser look blank and unfilled with buttons…..could my browser have been corrupted and hijacked? – would i know if it had ? if so what could i do about it?

also…in these times we live in, im aware of the news stories about the threat of net censorship and restriction by the government…..and worry about it.

relating to that worry i have times where im searching google images or google search for topics im interested in like the medieval era or the ”medieval black knight”……..and for some months ive noticed…at times i dont get many search results back?……or not many relevant websites or pictures that i want to save???

so i was just worrying at the moment would that indicate any kind of censorship by my ISP or the government blocking off parts of the net and restricting me ?……..or do you get that problem to at times?

im a computer beginner….have quite a few bookmarks and favourites in firefox so i want to tread very carefully here on what i do to repair my firefox browser……

so i would like it if someone could kindly help me with these firefox browser problems and reassurance.
i hope this question is understandable because i struggle with grammar at times…..have learning difficulties.

here is an answer i got yesterday that concerned me ;

Over 2 million results here when searching for “medieval black knight”. Even with Safe Search on there are still over 2 million results. Sorry to break your delusions but the government (or anybody else) is not remotely interested in you. What you have is a hacked system. Your browser has been hijacked and is being manipulated.

admin answers:

Regarding the censorship thing, it’s all talk at the moment and
nothing concrete one way or the other.

As far as I’m aware they are trying to push something through the US Senate.


If and when that become law then it might possibly affect the UK.

As regards your Bookmarks just back the Bookmarks folder off.

Sandra asks…

i dont know what to do about this firefox problem as im not getting any clear advice?

i have windows xp pro on a custom built desktop computer…i cant afford the upgrade to windows 7 yet.

im USING firefox right now and i have quite a lot of ADD ONS installed…..however with the latest version of firefox i have installed, firefox 8.0.1….quite a few of my add ons have been disabled because they said they’re not compatible with the latest version of firefox?

ive tried to remove the add ons then re enable them but they still dont work?

so im baffled next of what to do?

a few of my favourite add ons that have been disabled are – youtube auto replay, that keeps replaying youtube videos……my adblock……my screencapture add on…cant see the icon in my browser anymore………..and flash got -which has the capabilty of saving multiple things in firefox.

so what do i do considering im only a computer beginner?

would i have to completely uninstall the add ons….remove them completely, then re-download them?

im stuck.

admin answers:

If you can live without the newest version of Firefox, just go back to the version you had before. I had the same problem as you do so I went here: and got my old version back.

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