Your Questions About Firefox Plugins Folder

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Feb 252012

Donna asks…

Using Firefox, can’t open PDF files within browser, nor do they open in separate window. help?

I use Firefox and adobe reader 9. Yet when I try to open a PDF file from the internet, it does not open within the browser window, and *doesn’t even open in a separate adobe reader window*. I’ve read all the help stuff on the firefox website, and it says to re-install the application that enables you to open the PDFs, and to do that, it says to- “Copy the nppdf32.dll file to the Firefox plugins folder: Right-click the file and then click Copy from the context menu. Then use Windows Explorer to navigate to your Firefox installation’s plugins folder (usually C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxplugins). Then go to the Edit menu and click Paste. ” ………..nppdf32.dll < that file is not in my installation folder for adobe reader!!!! what the heck do I do?
Please please help me. this is stressing me out!

admin answers:

Maybe you need to install an add-in for adobe reader on firefox You may get it here at:

If it doesn’t works, you can switch to some other readers. They are all free.

Thomas asks…

Can you help with Java runtime in Firefox on Xubuntu?

Running Xubuntu 10, latest updates, Firefox 3.6.1. Downloaded Sun JRE 6 update 21.
I’ve followed every instruction I can find but Java applets will not run. The Java plugin is not listed in Firefox. Yes, I’m using the 32 bit version of each. I see the plugin in /usr/java/jre1.6.0_21/plugin/i386/ns7. I created a symbolic link for in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins and /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.10/plugins/. The flash plugin is there, in both places, works fine. My symbolic link points to the java plugin, not broken. I toyed around with permissions. In about:plugins java is not indicated. I’ve tried a number of different things including the gcc29 version, copied the plugin directly to the Firefox plugins folder. (I understand that can cause crashes) I’m stumped.

admin answers:

Try this – click on link to verify java – it should come up with note at top of browser – “Missing Plugin – click to add missing plugin”

Joseph asks…

firefox closes or freeze when java is loaded?

when i try to go on a website with the current version of firefox 3.0.11, it freezes up and won’t load. i don’t believe its my computer hardware because i have 4gb ram and a quad core processor.. i don’t have this issue on any of my xp computers which also have the newest version of java. the issue used to be fixed by dragging some plugin from the java folder to the firefox plugins folder but this no longer does the trick. anyone else experiencing this problem or have the solution? i looked on y! answers but all the similar problems were 1-2 years old. 10 points for first to solve the problem.

admin answers:

I would first save all your favorites, uninstall firefox, reinstall it, and then try updating your java again. While your at it you should update your flash too if you need.
You should look into google chrome. It is a great browser that is faster and safer then firefox and internet explorer.

Donald asks…

firefox adobe flashplayer?

Hey, i cant get any of the version of adobe flashplayer to work with mozilla firefox version 1.5. (newest) I’ve tried installing it many times, and I’ve even taken the plug ins file from IE (internet explorer) and put them in the plugins folder on firefox. Does anyone else know how to get firefox to work with adobe flashplayer? Thanks a lot. U can always IM me on aim, yahoo, or msn

their all blueobsession460 with msn being

admin answers:

Are you sure it’s not working for any flash files? Firefox sometimes has problems where some flash sites won’t work and will claim that you don’t have flash. To fix this, I reccomend the IE tab extension, which can make IE run inside firefox, to view pages that don’t run properly in Firefox without opening IE.

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Your Questions About Firefox Skins 7

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Feb 252012

Thomas asks…

What is better about Internet Explorer 9?

I just wanna know because I’m thinking about downloading it from the Internet Explorer Add-ons sight. But what is better about it? I have Internet Explorer 7 and I don’t have any trouble mostly. I know it’s suppose to be faster than well the previous ones, duh, but someone tell me more than that. Can I get skins like you can for Firefox?

admin answers:

Explorer is Explorer no matter which version

Same S#@% different smell

FIREFOX rules !!!

Cheers from DOWNUNDER

Steven asks…

I have Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9, and Google Chrome. I want another browser. Which one would you recommend?

I have Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9, and Google Chrome. I want another browser. Which one would you recommend? Which one should I uninstall. Or should I even uninstall one? I’ve tried Firefox, Sleipnir, Safari, and Lunascape. Should I install one those? Which one? Or is there another browser you recommend? I am looking for speed. I don’t care about skins, customizability, all I want is speed. If there are skins, etc. I wouldn’t mind, though.

admin answers:

List from best to worst(fastest speed):

1.Google Chrome

Now for security:

2.Google Chrome

So…your best bet is either Firefox or Google Chrome 🙂

PS. Don’t have all of those browsers downloaded to your computer at once, it slows your computer down.

Donald asks…

Internet Explorer 7 appearance?

I’m almost certain this isn’t possible – yet – but can the appearance of IE7 be changed like you can with Firefox, ie. downloading themes? I’m currently using Firefox and I think it’s great, but I have to keep IE for other stuff too, and maybe I’m being fussy, but I’d like IE to look all nice and black too – like I have Firefox!

I know there probably isn’t a way to change it with themes like Firefox, but if you download an entire skin, does anyone know if that also changes the appearance of IE or not?

I’m using Vista Premium.

admin answers:

I’m running Vista also but I’m afraid you can’t (as far as I know) use skins with IE. Mozilla Firefox is a whole different story.

Chris asks…

Why can’t I embed my flash mp3 player using NetObjects Fusion 9?


I can’t seem to install my flash mp3 player correctly. This is the first website I’ve ever made and I’m using Netobjects Fusion 9.0 to build it.

I used the “Flash Tool” to insert the “ep_player.swf” object. All I get is a “skin xml not found.” I have all of the files in the same folder. I can add the mp3’s,their titles and pics for each track without problems. And, when I open the “example_nobius_platinum.html” file in my browsers (IE7 and Firefox), it all plays flawlessly. I’ve also tried to embed the code from the “example_nobius_platinum.html”, but all I got then was, “To view the E-Phonic MP3 Player you will need to have Javascript turned on and have Flash Player 9 or better installed.” But, I do have Javascript turned on and I have the latest version of Flash Player installed. I honestly don’t know what else to do.

I should add, that when I say it won’t install, I’m looking at the page through the “page preview” tab, the “preview site tab,” and I’ve published the page to my hard drive and looked at it in both Firefox and IE 7.

When I insert the code as an html object, I get this message:

Line: 87
Char: 3
Error: ‘SWFObject’ is undefined
Code: 0





Hopefully, you can help me out. Thank you for your time.

admin answers:

Use another software

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Your Questions About Firefox Updates Too Often

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Feb 252012

Richard asks…

Mozilla Firefox Browser keeps freezing while Internet Explorer works very fast and smoothly?

What is wrong with firefox? it freezes right away when its clicked. Often i see a sign saying, “(not responding)”.

I have avira antivirus, lavasoft firewall and PC tools spyware doctor fully updated and running in real time protection.

I ran lavasoft registry cleaner too. But still firefox freezes a lot. Is this happening with others too?
firewall allows firefox to access. I already listed it as trusted program on firewall settings.
lavasoft registry cleaner is for $30. its not free. But i doubt that any registry cleaner can fix this.

My antispyware software, PC tools spyware doctor detected a bug in firefox known something like, “website_hijack”. It was unable to remove the infection. I know many other people are having same problem. So something is real bad in firefox.

admin answers:

Since it is running, albeit slowly, I can assume the firewall is not blocking it. If you are running extensions/plugins these can slow down firefox, so can a large amount of scripting or java on a webpage.

If you are running Firefox 3 Beta 5 it is because its a beta version and is not complete (full of bugs).

Laura asks…

What do you think about the proposed changes for Firefox 3.7 and 4.0?

Mozilla development team is currently working on making the next two future models of firefox. According the the article I’ve linked to above, there are some pretty radical changes in store. Stuff like…
-a complete overhaul of the general look and feel
-elimination of the “home” button
-initiation of specialty tabs, such as “home tab”, etc.
-applications that appear in tabs
-elimination of the menu bar (file, edit, view, etc..)
-with the elimination of the menu bar comes the elimination of the bookmarks feature (mentioned in article)
-possible replacement of the conventional bookmarks feature with a widget
-combining the address bar and search bar into a single field

Here’s a picture of the new firefox in it’s early development:

Truthfully, I don’t think I will like these changes, should they become reality. I use the home button all the time; taking it off would cause quite an inconvenience.

The “specialty and app tabs” I think would take up too much space in the tab bar. My window of view is already small enough with the tab bar and other things… I don’t want/ need it to get even smaller! As for the applications, the article states that these are merely popular sites that users visit almost every time they get online. The app tabs would be smaller than normal and meant “to give users quick and efficient access to their favorite sites”. However, if I’m using the app tabs for my favorite sites, I certainly don’t want them to be smaller! Besides, it is no trouble to open a regular tab and select a bookmark. The app tabs would just clog up the whole browser.

As for the menu bar, I find it vary useful, and look to it quite often for all sorts of matters, ranging from the bookmarks menu to the “delete history” feature. If it is removed, how will firefox uses be able to access the features in the menus and selections?

The worst thing firefox could do with its browser, in terms of efficiency and functionality, would be to remove the bookmarks feature, as they have hinted. I use my bookmarks list several times a day, 24 / 7! Without it, how will I get to my desired sites? I’m not about to go around memorizing those incredibly long and complex URL codes!

Firefox is trying to maximize its efficiency with these updates, but removal of the bookmarks feature (amongst the many other things I’ve listed) will make it incredibly difficult to navigate the web. These proposals seem to be something that be the ideal experience for one who uses the internet solely for visiting 3 or 4 sites. But for other people, who have a long list of bookmarked sites which they may want / need to visit every so often, their experience will be exacerbated.

What are your thoughts on the proposed updates?

admin answers:

Personally, I think I liked Firefox 2 more than 3, just because 3 seems a bit slower, and I don’t really like what they did to the tabs, it takes up more room. Which is why I’ll definitely be bothered by the specialty tabs.
But I need the bookmarks. My bookmarks toolbar is completely overflowing and its really convenient for the sites we use daily. Is it really efficient, if users can’t access the sites they want quickly?
I almost “rely” on this toolbar. Most of the sites I visit are on the toolbar.
I also use the menu bar quite a bit, all these features on firefox is one of the reasons I switched in the first place! Most programs I use have a menu bar, so firefox would be odd without it..

I hope the proposals, for the most part, don’t become reality.

Mark asks…

Help with Firefox Bookmarks?

Hi. I am new to using Firefox (after decade of IE). I am pretty happy with it (if still a little lost), but I am not too thrilled with the way it handles bookmarks. Is there a way to set it, when bookmarking a page, to prompt you when you are creating a bookmark with the same name as an existing one? With IE, if you try to create a bookmark with the same name as one which already exists in that folder, it prompts you as to whether to rename it, or overwrite the existing bookmark. I liked this, because I DO often overwrite bookmarks which have changed or are an updated version of an older one. As it stands, I tend to end up with several bookmarks with the same name.
Thanks Charly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the new Firefox.

admin answers:

There is an Add-on to do this:

Jenny asks…

Upgraded to the latest version of FireFox After restarting I could not browse? Also how do I export bookmarks?

The browser acts as though it is connecting to the page, yet without giving any sort of error, it shows up as blank. Just pure blank with the address on the URL bar, and (I forget the name sorry) the little page icon that often appears next to the address is a blank page, the name of the website also does not load on the top bar.

I restarted my computer, but this didn’t work either. Not even the “What’s New” page of FF that automatically comes up after an update wouldn’t load.

I have no idea WTF this is about but I have no way of browsing now. I’m on my PC since I have no other way of browsing on my laptop (I’ve gotten rid of IE)

I just don’t know what happened because I didn’t do ANYTHING ELSE! I downloaded the update, installed and then restarted FF.

If this is a general problem then I want to uninstall FF completely and revert back to the previous version- but I did this before on an old comp that didn’t handle the upgrade too well, and I lost my bookmarks.

How can I save my bookmarks?

Thank you!

admin answers:

This is currently happening to me too, and I eagerly emailed Mozilla and they replied saying,

”Thank you for the message you sent to our team. We are currently facing huge problems with our update managers and several issues have risen around the world about updating failures. We hope to get it fixed as soon as possible and we hope you understand that we are trying our best to get it back up and running”

So, I advice you to use Chrome or Opera while Firefox updates their problems.

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