Jul 082012

Thomas asks…

Can I have different proxy settings for different sites in Firefox?

I have used many proxy add-ons in Firefox but no one solved my problem. I want to have different proxy settings for different sites/tabs. These addons that I use, changes proxy settings for all the sites/tabs I have opened.

admin answers:

Thousand of proxy list:

Carol asks…

How to configure proxy settings on Firefox?

It says I can import a proxy from a URL. What are some free, good, spyware-free proxies that are well-known, and what’s their URL?

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Jul 082012

Daniel asks…

I am running Firefox 3.0.6 on Mac OS 10.4 and it’s suuuuuuper slow. How can I speed it up?

I have a MacMini, 1.66 GHz Intel/1 GB RAM. I disabled all the plug-ins and cleared the cache. I guess I am wondering how to improve speed & performance generally — both the Mac OS and Firefox. I’d like to get another GB of RAM, but what can I do til then?

admin answers:

Chrome is not yet available for Mac. Meantime Safari is probably a good option. And I would get that RAM upgrade. Another option would be a clean-up utility like Spring Cleaning –

Mandy asks…

How do I speed up videos when I run them with Firefox?

i have an old ibook and it works great except when i want to stream videos on youtube or hulu. what are some tips to make the vidoes run more smooth on an ibook running 10.3.9 X without changing the graphics/video card?


admin answers:

May b the ram is less on your ibook…tht’s y it buffers less and vdo becomes slow because it’s not buffered fully…

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